Tim Willison, Ph.D., M.F.T., C.A.D.C.

I have a lot of experience with therapy and therapists, both as a client and as an emerging professional in the field. Tim is one of the best I've ever seen. Warm, open, genuine, compassionate, caring, insightful and patient. He is both gentle and direct, with a special talent for helping clients (like me) find hope...and even humor...in the darkest situations. I have the highest possible respect for him as a clinician and as a human being. He is a true healer.

-- Matt Y.

I am writing this on my 3rd sober birthday. I wanted to tell you how grateful I am that our paths crossed. I feared disgust and judgement...The calmness and acceptance in your voice gave me hope. You did not judge me. Three years later, reflecting back on my life, it brings tears to my eyes. In my wildest dreams I could never imagine having what I have today. You have truly been an angel, eskimo, in my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for everything. Sometimes you get another chance in life. Tim you helped and gave me hope to get to that point of choosing.

--Dr. Tracey M.

Working with Tim has been a wonderful experience for me.  He provides a warm, nurturing and safe environment in which I always felt comfortable to discuss my personal thoughts and concerns in life. His style of therapy is gentle guidance that encourages positive changes from within and focuses on learning to live in and enjoy the present.  I feel that my time with him allowed me to arrive at a better place in my own life as I have found more peace among the craziness of day-to-day life and learned to be more present in each moment. I am thankful that I found a therapist that helped me as much as he did.

--Anonymous, Davis, CA

To prospective patients of Dr. Tim Willison:

I've had the wonderful experience of therapy with Dr. Tim Willison.  Due to his extraordinarily positive impact on my life I write this unsolicited letter of recommendation, hoping others like me will benefit from his care.

I worked as a trial attorney for 25 years.  I resigned from the California State Bar in 2002 after suffering a fairly comprehensive "mental breakdown" due to severe business and personal pressures.  As a result of my implosion I became basically non-functional, extremely depressed and suicidal; after I got sick I was so messed up I was barely able to feed myself, do the most basic self-care, often sleeping 16-18 hours per day.  Over the next several years I received treatment from a dozen-plus psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and other mental health professionals. 

As part of my mental health treatment I joined a State Bar-sanctioned therapy group moderated by Dr. Willison, typically 5-8 attorneys with a variety of concerns.  Once a week for five years, from 2002-2007, our group met in his office to discuss our various problems, suggestions and improvements. I consider this group therapy to be far and away the most successful part of my treatment regime, helping me regain my self-sufficiency and a positive attitude about myself.  

The key part of this group therapy - the element that made it so helpful for so many of us - was Dr. Willison's participation.  He'd had his own life experiences "walking through the fire", so he had a deep, personal understanding of our problems.  He moderated our group with a perfect touch: often keeping quiet when we worked on problems among ourselves, encouraging us to be open and honest about our fears, stepping in when appropriate to challenge or help us.  Most important - Dr. Willison is a man of unusually strong perception and personal empathy; he obviously cared very deeply about each of us, truly believed in our abilities to overcome our problems and return to a fully functional life. 

I owe Dr. Willison more than I can ever pay him; by gradually peeling away my paralyzing fears he made me want to live again.  I recommend him without reservation to anyone who needs help dealing with mental health issues.

Best wishes.

---Jim H.

My husband and I enjoyed working with Tim very much.  It's a rarity to find a therapist who appeals equally to both partners, and Tim was able to do this.  From our first session, we both felt comfortable with Tim.  He is warm, empathetic, and a  great listener.  From the very start, we felt understood and connected with him.  

We were working on some parenting issues as well as couples issues, and we found Tim very versatile and insightful no matter what the topic.  I especially appreciated his willingness to give his opinion and reactions instead of sitting passively. I found his opinions helpful, insightful, and thought-provoking.  I have worked with many therapists and found that with Tim, I made the most growth and learned strategies and techniques which I can rely upon for years to come. 



I'm not sure if it's natural talent, practiced art, learned skill, or empirical savvy that makes Tim the incredibly insightful and effective practitioner that he is -- and I don't think I care.  What matters is that his ability to be at once disarming and inspiring allowed me to explore feelings, regrets and fears I did not expect I would ever have the strength to face.  It wasn't that he forcefully elicited these difficult things out from behind walls of denial or repression.  Instead, I wanted to share them because, in the supportive and encouraging environment of Tim's sessions, I was truly ready to understand myself.  Never did I imagine I could grow as much as I did under his care.  Never will I be able to truly thank him or express the pride and satisfaction I feel now as a result of that growth.  

-- Frances B.

I found Tim to be professional...willing... proficient...outgoing...and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Timothy...

--Glenn M. A., Former United States                                     Congressman

I have worked with Mr. Willison for the last eighteen months collaborating closely...I have tremendous respect for Mr. Willison’s knowledge of drug and alcohol abuse, treatment, and recovery. He has been extremely helpful to me in my education as a counselor...I consider him an expert in the field. Furthermore, I believe Mr. Willison has the highest of ethical standards and brings a deep level of commitment to his work.

--Greg M., Marriage and Family                                       Therapist, Certified Alcohol                              and Drug Counselor

Tim has exceptional skill...understands chemical dependency, mental health...and other ancillary disciplines...is a wealth of knowledge...and is a resource to others. [His] communication skills are excellent...problems solving skills are outstanding...exemplary...exhibits creativity and insight...is a very skilled clinician.

--Mark Y., Marriage and Family Therapist

Tim has a passion...for psychology...incisive intellect...creativity...and a spirit of caring. I recommend him to you wholeheartedly.

--Dorothy D., Professor, retired

I found him to be a bright, insightful, mature individual with a fierce dedication to growth and consciousness. He has a keen interest, aptitude and commitment to learning...a good balance between the rational and intuitive aspects of his mind...a quality of warmth and kindness.

--Kay B.I., Founder, Director, The Growing                    Edge

Tim...is characterized by wisdom, caring, knowledge, responsibility, diligence...firmness, sensitivity and kindness.

--Eugene F., M.D.

Tim is the best I have had the pleasure to work with, bar none.

--William R., D.D.S.

Tim has proved to be very effective and we are very pleased with his performance. He understands the disease of addiction and acts as an advocate for the Board and participants in the recovery program.

--Patricia H., Executive Officer California                            State Board of Pharmacy

Tim has excellent skills...uncanny insight into clients.

--Richard D., D.D.S.

You’ve been “tough” on me when I truly needed it and compassionate with me when it was appropriate. I again apologize for the times I lied to you.

--D. B., D.D.S.

I just wanted to thank you for everything. If you look back and ask yourself if you made a difference in anyone’s life, well, it would be me. I’m so grateful to you. Thank you for all you have done for me.

--Michelle F.

I have seen Dr. Tim Willison on a regular basis for a year starting in the fall of 2010. When I initially went to him I was on the brink of divorce and at my lowest emotional point. Through his approach and empathy, he was able to open me up and make me see how my problems have accumulated over the years, some from childhood. He guided me through the process of analyzing them and helped me in my search to best deal with them. He also helped me rebuild a better emotional foundation on which I now stand as a much stronger and balanced individual. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be Tim's patient. I wholeheartedly recommend Tim as a wonderful and very effective psychotherapist.


“If you look back and ask yourself if you made a difference in anyone’s life, 
well, it would be me. I'm so grateful to you.” 
                   ---Michelle F.

 “You have truly been an angel in my life"
                 ---Dr. Tracey M.



 “Tim is the best...bar none"

                 ---William R., D.D.S.

"A true healer"                                        
                 ---Matt Y.

"Wonderful, warm, nurturing, safe"
                 ---Anonymous, Davis.

"Incredibly insightful and effective"
                 ---Frances B.

"I have...tremendous respect for his knowledge...highest of ethical standards"
                 ---Greg M., M.F.T.

"Passion...incisive intellect...creativity" 
                  ---Dorothy D., Professor,                                                 Retired.                                                

"Fierce dedication to growth and consciousness...a quality of warmth and kindness"
            ---Kay B.I., Director, Growth Edge


“Exceptional skill”
                   ---Mark Y., M.F.T.


"A man of unusually strong perception...He made me want to live again"
                   ---Jim H.

"Tim...is characterized by wisdom, caring, knowledge, responsibility, diligence...firmness, sensitivity and kindness"
                   ---Eugene F., M.D.

"Uncanny insight"
                   ---Richard D., D.D.S.

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